One of the best ways to get involved in the BCM is through events. Take a look at our calendar and sign up for weekly e-mails so that you can stay up to date with what’s happening! Here are some fun things happening this semester.

Bible Studies


3pm – Life of David // Steven David

6:15pm – Men’s Study on the Life of Paul // Josh Horton



1pm – Women’s Study // Alyna Inigo


11pm – Book Galatians // Teresa Royall



1pm – Book of Galatians //Teresa Royall

2:30pm – Book of Galatians // Teresa Royall


Tuesdays // Thursdays // 12:15pm

The BCM’s lunch program is open to any students, faculty, or staff at GSU.

Each meal costs $4 or you can purchase a lunch card for $10 that is good for 3 meals.

Everyone can get their first meal free if you fill out a BCM info card! 


The BCM believes in the power of prayer. We make time in every day to pray for things around our campus and beyond that. There is a prayer room in our building that is available as a quiet place for our students to spend time with God. If there is anything you need prayer for, please come by the BCM or contact us.