Summer Missionaries

Every summer, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board sends students from BCM ministries in Georgia to places all over the world who are in need of missionaries. Here is the list of students for Summer 2018. Applications are closed now, but if you would like to find more information please go to If you are interested in participating next year, please contact the BCM.

Tiffany Alexander – Traveling USA- Unchartered Water Sports Camps
Graciela Carrau – Houston, Texas – Mission Centers of Houston

Grace Davenport – Ottowa, Canada – University Outreach

Steven David – Marseilles, France – Northern Lights Team

Aimee De Peaza – East Asia – Welcome to the Jungle

LauraAnne Hooley – Pu’u Kahea Conference Center

Alaura Kilgore – Texas or Puerto Rico – Disaster Relief

Ella Svirida – Orlando, Florida – Give Kids the World

Pakou Vue – Haiti