Summer Missionaries

Every summer, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board sends students from BCM ministries in Georgia to places all over the world who are in need of missionaries. Applications for Summer 2020 are closed, check back to see where our students will be going this summer!!


We asked some students how their summers went! Take a look at what SendMeNow missions is like from a missionary's point of view!

Grace Davenport // University Outreach in Ottowa, Canada

“Going into Canada, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Less than 1% of their population knows Christ, so going in as a mission group scared me at first. However, God showed me a lot in the week I spent there. The students and faculty of the campuses I visited were extremely open and polite when we spoke with them about the gospel. I had no idea that so many of them had been without the word most of their life, and some of them had never heard of Christianity. Them allowing us to open their hearts up and speak about God was truly amazing. I got to talk to Muslim students, Atheist students, and even some Christians while I was in Ottawa. The sweetest part about the trip, though, was knowing I was able to plant the seed in all of their minds about God. I pray that He continues to open their hearts and allow them to see His grace and mercy.”

Alaura Kilgore // Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico

“Serving with SendMeNow was such an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to serve in Puerto Rico with a team and help with disaster relief. Most of the time we were there we served and shared the Gospel with an older man named Antonio. We had the opportunity¬†to serve him by building a new foundation for his home. Throughout the entire week, God was doing amazing things. One of the things that stood out to me the most was how much joy people had even though their¬†home had been profoundly affected by a hurricane. The joy they had came only from God, and it was such a blessing to see God moving in many lives in Puerto Rico. “

Tiffany Alexander // UW Sport Ministry

“This summer I served with UW Sports Ministry. Each week our team of five coaches traveled to a new area in the US and hosted a church sports camp for kids in the community. I had a blast traveling to different areas and meeting new people. Each week we got to sing songs with the kids, teach them a sport, and more importantly, share Jesus with them. At these camps we got a lot of unchurched kids from the community. It was cool to see all the different places the kids were at in their own spiritual journey. Some had grown up learning about the Bible and had accepted Christ while others knew practically nothing about the Gospel. It was powerful to see God work in their lives over the course of one week. This summer has been one I will never forget. God has shown me how impactful sports ministry can be in bringing people closer to Him. It is definitely a tool I want to continue using for His kingdom.”

LauraAnne Hooley // Pu’u Kahea Conference Center, Hawaii

“I was blessed to be sent to Pu’u Kahea Conference Center in Hawaii for the summer. Here, I helped keep the center run more efficiently through cooking, cleaning, landscaping, and anything that fell in between. This was such an amazing experience as my team and I were able to serve the staff and guests here by working behind the scenes, as well as reach the local Hawaiian people through bible studies. The Lord provided so many opportunities for us to meet and pray over people, thus sharing the love of God with them. Over the summer, we served over 1,000 people who stayed at the conference center, 20 of whom were saved. My team and I met and prayed over about 20 people that we met throughout the summer. I am so thankful for this amazing summer where I was able to serve the Lord is the most beautiful place.”