Summer Missionaries

Every summer, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board sends students from BCM ministries in Georgia to places all over the world who are in need of missionaries. This year was a little different, but we still sent nearly 50 missionaries from the state of Georgia on mission! Applications for Summer 2021 are no longer available.

Summer 2020 Testimonies

We asked some students how their summers went! Take a look at what SendMeNow missions is like from a missionary's point of view!

Grace Davenport // Savannah, GA

Grace Davenport

“This summer I was able to serve in Savannah, GA even amidst the pandemic. What was most encouraging to me about this trip was the specific focus on the homeless in Savannah. Homeless people are a particular community that I reach to serve even in Atlanta, so having the opportunity to do that more in depth this summer was incredibly rewarding. God showed me that despite the circumstances, there are still people who need our love and mercy during these times. Seeing that there were people who couldn’t even focus on the virus because they didn’t have basic necessities was such a reminder of why we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ. I was so blessed to be able to reach out to them in this especially rough time, and grateful Send Me Now allowed me that opportunity. God works through us in many ways, not only across the world, but even in the communities around us.”

Chelsey Kelly // Chula

“Although my SMN mission trip was cut short due to COVID concerns, Chula taught me a lot. I remember the most impactful part of my trip being an hour of quiet time Mrs. Penny told us to take. In this hour she asked us to pray and figure out what was running through our heads and hearts that could potentially blocks us from being the best we could be for the kids we were going to serve. In this hour I realized so much about my relationship with myself, God & others. I was reminded of how much just an hour of opening myself up to God can do. Also, with us only being able to do one day of VBS and hang out with the kids, I came to realize that mission trips and ministry in general with always look and be completely different than what you expect. God has us there to take us out of our comfort and constants. He has us there to grow, and no matter what that looks like we need to be joyous in it because we have the privilege of God growing & loving us.”