We are so excited to be having our annual Mr. BCM competition on March 27, 2021 at M28 Church! Scroll through this page to get to know our seven contestants a little bit better. We can’t wait to see you there!

Mr. BCM is a very fun event, but it is more importantly a fundraiser to help raise money for SendMeNow missions. Our guys have to raise money to participate, but they need help to do so.

If you would like to donate via check, PayPal, or Venmo, please click here. *Be sure to designate which contestant you are donating to.

Thank you for helping us get closer to meeting our fundraising goal of $10,000!

Meet Jack Thompson and his coach, Aimee Withrow.

“Hello! My name is Jack Thompson! I am a senior Film and Entertainment Media Management major! I love to play music, I enjoy the great outdoors, and I love to try my best at spiritual conversations with non-believers. I discovered the BCM accidentally. I walked by their building dozens of times. But, one day, my eye noticed the sign on the outside of the building: “Baptist Collegiate Ministries”. I was looking for a community anyway, so I decided to view the flyers on the outside windows. People on the inside noticed me showing some interest and waved for me to come inside. I was greeted with smiles and felt so welcomed. I was given a tour. Then, I started coming to the building just to hang out and do homework. I stayed because I began developing relationships with other students. I have met my best friends here at the BCM at GSU, and I know we will be close for the rest of our lives. Most importantly, God has transformed me through this organization. My faith has done nothing but grow. The BCM at GSU is almost like being involved in a deeply rooted church community. Everyone is so caring for one another, and we minister to each other. We are a family, and our family puts God as the cornerstone of all we do.”

Meet Jo Suddreth and his coach, Emma Dunlap.

Jo Suddreth is a freshman Finance major. He enjoys painting, reading, working out, sleeping, cooking, eating, and petting cats. The reason he got involved in the BCM is because he was looking for other people that really wanted to grow in their faith. When he came to the BCM, he found that. That is a major reason that he decided to stay at the BCM. He is very involved in the BCM through Bible studies, weekly worship, men’s events, and the New Student Leadership Team. He has become a leader at the BCM even as a freshman.

Meet Paul Bourlet and his coach, Savannah Wood.

“Hey y’all! My name is Paul Bourlet, and I am a Media Entrepreneurship major here at GSU. I love playing board games and making films and making films about playing board games. I can to the BCM freshman year looking for a solid community, and I found what I was looking for – the BCM has been like a second family over the past two years, and I cannot wait to do one last Mr. BCM with all these amazing contestants.”

Meet David McCullers and his coach, Millie Durden.

“Hey! My name is David McCullers, and I am so excited to be a contestant for Mr. BCM. I am the BCM Intern at GSU’s BCM, but I graduated last spring from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education. I enjoyed my five years at the BCM at VSU, and I would not be where I am today without it. I first came to the BCM for a karaoke night, and loved the people so much that I kept coming back. After falling away from God for a year, I found my way back to Him and the BCM. I joined leadership and led small group Bible studies. I found accountability and gained a true desire for Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Mr. BCM with the rest of the amazing contestants. I love that we can all work together to help raise money to send students on mission trips all over the world! My amazing fiancée is my coach, so help out and ‘Make me King before I marry my Queen’!”

Meet Cornell Stokes and his coach, Abby Dollar.

“Hey! My name is Cornell Stokes and I am running for Mr. BCM. I am a freshman Music Education major. I decided to come to come to the BCM once I moved on campus because I knew I would miss going to Bible studies and youth groupings back at my home church, so immediately I knew I needed this in my life. I stayed because of how welcoming everybody here is. At my first Ignite that I attended, so many people greeted me and actually sat down with me to have a conversation, I immediately felt like I mattered. But respectfully, my fellow brothers in Christ are going down in this friendly competition :)”

Meet Ethan Brock and his coach, Abbie Hammons from GSUN.

“Hey, howdy, hi everyone! My name is Ethan Brock, Business Admin major and president of BCM at GSUN. I got into BCM during my first semester with the help of a close friend who was already in BCM and decided to stay after seeing the help that young Christians were receiving from the mission, so I quickly applied for leadership. A little bit about myself, my family were missionaries to the Caribbean for about a decade when I was three, so I’ve lived in three countries and twenty-one houses in my twenty-one  year life so far! Anywho, in my spare time I love to play guitar, video games, and build LEGOs. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I have eight siblings, so there’s rarely a dull moment in my life ;P”

Meet Jackson Myers and his coach, Doran Johnson from GGC.

“Hello! My name is Jackson Myers. I am a junior at Georgia Gwinnett College and my major is Business Management. I am currently working as a Steel Detailer at Wasendorf Detailing, and I love hanging out with friends, cooking, and spending time in the great outdoors. I discovered BCM when I first got to GGC. I got involved through some of my friends from church that really enjoyed it. I was looking for a community of college friends that love the Lord, and I definitely found it at BCM. I am excited to raise money for all the SendMeNow missionaries and possibly be your next Mr. BCM!”